Data analytics Projects

# Project 1

Using White label on personal sites. Data source - data from Git.

Tools: Google Spreadsheets - data analysis, charts

Key analytics features: clearing data, finding ratio and propotion.

Results: Less than 50 % of customers apply personal desing. So it should be used new ways to make this module more popular.

# Project 2

Incoming customer's requests. Data source - incoming emails from GTS.

Tools: Google Spreadsheets - data analysis, diffirient charts types.

Key analytics features : calculate median, average, spread measures, IQR, standard deviation.

Results: Number of possible incoming customer support tickets is calculated based on discrete probability distribution.

# Project 3

Workout plan. Data source - own collection of my everyday workout.

Tools: Google Spreadsheets - data analysis. Data Viz - Radar chat

Key analytics featueres: calculate percent of total workout, total workout time, count not workout's days.

Results: Highlighted percent values indicates the workout progress